Parkfield Youth Club – PYFC

Parkfield (Gambia) Youth Football Club

Since 2021 Parkfield youth FC have had a connection with young players and children in 

The Gambia West Africa, this started out when Club chairman Ali Jobe took a suitcase of 2nd football boots kits shin pads for the local children in a village called Madiana now several years on with the help and donations of Parkfield parents and players every 2/3 months we send over old football kits Boots, Trainers, shinpads, coaching equipment including Balls, bibs, cones, goals and various other items that the children in Gambia could benefit from. 

Today Parkfield (Gambia) YFC have three teams that are playing in Gambian football leagues

There is a senior team aged 17-19 yrs old  a Juniors team 13-15yrs old and an 9- 11yr old team too. All teams wear Parkfield kits that have been donated from the club and the players love the feeling of belonging to a massive youth football club and love checking out via the website and social media what’s happening back in England.

So a massive thank you to all that have donated 2nd hand boots/clothing etc if you have some kit/boots etc that you would like to go to children in the Gambia then please contact Ali on 07545122346 as mentioned earlier we usually send over via space in containers every three months and the shipment normally would take appx 6 weeks to arrive.

Please enjoy some of the pictures of our Gambian teams and players here, we plan to bring an updated results and introduction to the players at a later date so keep a look out for further updates